Welcome to the 1001 Flat World Takes Project.

For those of you new to wikispaces or for those of you who need a refresher, here are some basic instructions on how to start working on the wiki and get your kids working there too!

Teacher Account

If you have a wikispaces account, skip step 1.

1. Go to http://www.wikispaces.com and create an account. Username should be FirstnameLastname, password is your choice and email is your choice. Your account does not require email authentication to activate, so doesn’t matter what email you use.

Teacher Joining Wikispace

2. Go to http://es1001tales2012.wikispaces.com . This is the project site. You will want to “Join this space” by hitting the link on the top of the left hand navigation bar…follow the instructions and a message will come to myself and Ann and one of us will approve your membership. You will get an email once that is completed. Note that this is a protected wiki and only members (students and teachers) will be able to edit information. Anyone with an Internet connection can view the wiki. Email Ann or I with your wiki username and identify yourself as a teacher and we will make you an organizer for this wiki. This will allow you to create and add student members.

3. Once your space membership is approved, you will see “edit this page” on both the homepage and the student page.

4. To create your individual student pages in your workshop table, go to the “Student Workshops”, find your workshop and hit “edit this page”. You can then list your students using the following format HA-Johnny where HA is a two letter initial for the school and Johnny is the student name. Don’t hit SAVE yet

5. Once the names are entered, place double square brackets before and after the name....e.g. [[HA-Johnny] ] (except with the last two square bracets together. This will create a new individual page for each student and make a link to it. Hit SAVE at any time to save changes to that point. When completed, your list should look like the Hawkesdale one in Workshop B. If you have too many students, you can put two in one cell by doing this… [[HA-Johnny] ] / [[HA-Susie] ] This will create two pages in the same cell…

Student Accounts

6. Your students will all have to create and join the wiki. You can do this in one of two ways. Follow the same instructions above in 1&2 for each of your students. If you do this, make sure your students