Some ideas for how to get started with this project:

Note: Some helpful blog posts that might be relevant:
Prior to Lesson 1: Distribute permission slips (sample permission slip from ISB:
external image pdf.png
external image pdf.png

Lesson 1: Introduce project. All students get wikispaces accounts if they don't already have them. All students are made members of this wik (All teachers are organizers of this wiki so that they can make their own students members). Share rubric and expectations with students.

Note: If your students do not have e-mail accounts, Wikispaces will set up user accounts for your students without an e-mail address. Write to help and request as many accounts as you need.

Prior Lesson 2: All students will be partnered up. We can just list all of the students in our classes in the table - one student per line in the column for your school. This means that every student completing this project needs their own page on the wiki, which can be added and linked on the partner table .

Lesson 2: Talk about online safety and appropriate peer review behavior - so that when they do their peer reviews, they do them well.

Lesson 3: Demo wikispaces.

Lesson 4: Introduce writing partners, write an "about me" page

Lesson 5 - 10: Writing time

Lesson 11: First draft due

Lesson 12 - 15: Peer editing of partner's work & responding to peer edits

Lesson 16 - 18: Finalize writing

Lesson 19: Final draft due

Lesson 20: Congratulations